How to Get a Quiff?

The quiff is one of the most iconic hairstyles a man can sport. The versatile nature of the look means it works just as well with short, mid-length or long hair. Check out some of our favourite iterations of the style below, and continue reading for more men’s hair inspiration.

  • Using a fine-toothed comb, create a straight side part combing the bulk of your hair against the natural grain.
  • Applying salt spray at this stage will add texture when it comes to styling.
  • Blow dry hair upwards to add lift and volume at the roots, separating the main bulk of hair from the parting and drying in the opposite direction of hair growth for extra volume.
  • Once hair is dried, use your comb to reinforce the side part. Working the hair when it is dry gives you a little more control, especially if the product has already been dried into the hair.
  • Work a pea-sized amount of clay through the hair, coating thoroughly with your hands for a textured, relaxed finish, or for a smarter look – opt for a comb to style the quiff into place. Finish with hairspray for extra hold.

Do You Want a New Hair Style?

Slicked Backed Hair

Begin by using a comb, brush or your hand to pull your hair towards the back of your head. This is easier if your hair is damp or towel-dried.

Apply some sea-salt spray to add some texture to your locks if you want.

Allow the hair to dry naturally, or use a hair dryer to help style your hair into a particular look such as a quiff.

Use some pomade, wax or clay to style your hair. Apply a pea sized amount and spread it throughout your hair, continuing to pull your hair backwards.

Use a hair brush and blow dryer to pull your hair back away from the front of your head. Doing this while your hair is still wet will make it easier.

Spray your hair with sea-salt spray to maintain the curl and texture of your hair.

Once your hair is dry use a strong product such as wax or clay to maintain the slick of your hair.

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